Red Panda Cubs Bring Debilitating Cuteness To Bronx, Prospect Park Zoos [via Nina Reznick]

(Julie Larsen Maher © WCS)
Two sets of red panda cubs, nature's most heartwarming product yet, today make their debut at the Bronx Zoo and Prospect Park Zoo, increasing the "Awww" capital of both locations by roughly 700 percent.

The critters and their staggeringly adorable doll faces were born over the summer, with each pair consisting of a male and female. They can be found gallivanting around the Himalayan Highlands portion of the Bronx Zoo, and along the Discovery Trail at Prospect Park. Red pandas are native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China, but are considered a vulnerable species thanks to damage to their habitats from deforestation.

(Julie Larsen Maher © WCS)
Unlike most babies, the cuteness of red pandas does not decrease with age, as their fur remains robust and fluffy, and their faces the stuff of Wes Anderson fever dreams, until the day they depart this fragile earth.

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Abandoned suitcases of insane asylum patients

Case with green enamel hair brush set strapped to lid. Abandoned suitcase with yellow alarm clock, straw broom, small Scotty dog figure, shoe polish cream and booklet.

These fascinating images show abandoned suitcases which belonged to patients who were residents of the Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane between the 1910s and early 1960s. The institution stored the cases when patients passed away; when it closed in 1995, staff came across the forgotten cases, and thoughtfully gave them to the New York State Museum for preservation. This incredible collection was featured in a recent article by Hunter Oatman-Stanford on Collectors Weekly, in which he provocatively asks: “If you were committed to a psychiatric institution, unsure if you’d ever return to the life you knew before, what would you take with you?”

The suitcases were photographed by Jon Crispin as part of a larger artistic project documenting abandoned mental hospitals. However, in the context of the Collectors Weekly article, these fascinating suitcases were presented first and foremost as museum or personal objects, and only secondarily as contemporary art images. (Oatman-Stanford does, however, go on to conduct a very interesting article with Crispin about the Willard institution and its patients, which you can read here). This is probably unsurprising considering the slant of the publication, but it nonetheless brings up an interesting blurriness between museum object, artwork, so-called ‘outsider art’ and personal possessions.

Each suitcase is, itself, almost like a mini museum about the owner: a small collection which can give you a glimpse into his or her life and interests. Of course, they were not compiled for this reason, but I think that just paints an even more alluring portrait of the person and what their objects might say about them.

Open suitcase with vintage family photos, clock and fork and knife. Suitcase with old notebooks, books, metronome and small bear figurine. Four little drawers with sewing patterns and hair curling irons. Abandoned suitcase with old family photographs, buttons, wallet, and Camay soap. Open suitcase with black hat and blue shoes. Suitcase with handwritten list of fabrics, sequins, toothbrush, luggage tag, gloves, comb. Old, battered black suitcase. Case with Bible, Christian philosophy booklet, dog figurines, record and rulers.
Suitcase showing war porait and ration book, other personal items
// All images by Jon Crispin, from Collectors Weekly.

Plastic into oil [via Tom Cacciatore]

Now this is just amazing and almost so unbelievable that I just hope it’s true……When an invention like this is already up and working why don't our governments have them installed everywhere

Japanese Ingenuity -- Save your plastic ~~~

This is one of the most amazing emails and break-through in Technology I have ever seen!!!

Why aren't we doing this now?

I think we should all do what we can to save what we are destroying! Not surprised at this at all, just a case of Japanese ingenuity and perseverance.

 What is more important would be the marketing and very low cost to make it mandatory to have one of these in every home.

The sound is all in Japanese. Just read the subtitles and watch.

SQUIRRELY LOVE [via Nina Reznick]

A Dying Squirrel Gets Help From a Kind Warrant Officer

You know a man is kind hearted when he shows those creatures below him utmost respect. They often say to judge a man by how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. When one warrant officer came across a dying squirrel, he not only saved its life. He became its best friend.

If this doesn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will.

When two soldiers brought in a dying squirrel, this warrant officer decided to help the little guy out.

Slippery Sliders: WATCH OUT!

Slippery sliders are being caught on camera all across the country. Sometimes the perpetrator is caught red-handed, but most of the time the victim has no idea until it's too late.

KANT CAN’T CANT [via David Adashek]

MOSCOW (AP) — An argument in southern Russia over philosopher Immanuel Kant, the author of "Critique of Pure Reason," devolved into pure mayhem when one debater shot the other.

A police spokeswoman in Rostov-on Don, Viktoria Safarova, said two men in their 20s were discussing Kant as they stood in line to buy beer at a small store on Sunday. The discussion deteriorated into a fistfight and one participant pulled out a small nonlethal pistol and fired repeatedly.

The victim was hospitalized with injuries that were not life-threatening. Neither person was identified.

It was not clear which of Kant's ideas may have triggered the violence.

Killer Whale Luna Mimics Boat Sounds [via Nina Reznick]

Meet Luna, a remarkable whale. Separated from his family when he was just two years old, this orca whale lived alone off the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. There, in 2001, Luna became known for interacting with local boaters. The amazing video above captures Luna swimming right next to a boat and mimicking boat noises. Luna's sounds are almost indistinguishable from those of the boat's engine. 

Video ABOVE courtesy of

Animals Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before [via Nina Reznick]


From armadillos to zebras, or what championship chickens have to do with a giant octopus.

It’s easy to take this amazing planet we inhabit for granted. While National Geographic‘s school of nature photography may have its place, there’s something remarkable and whimsical that happens when a fine art photographer takes her lens to Earth’s creatures — they become poetry. Today, we turn to five such photographers, whose portraits of animals — unusual, otherworldly, kooky, tender, charismatic — make the eye swoon and the heart sing.

Andrew Zuckerman is one of my absolute favorite photographers working today, his Wisdom and Music projects priceless time-capsules of contemporary culture and his thoughts on curiosity and rigor as the key to creativity a beautiful articulation of my own credo. In Creature, Zuckerman brings his exquisite signature style, crisp yet tender, to Earth’s beings. With equal parts detail and delight, he captures the spirt of these diverse creatures, from panthers to fruit bats to bald eagles, in a way makes them seem familiar and fresh at once, and altogether breathtaking.

Asian Elephant
Image courtesy of Andrew Zuckerman
Six banded armadillo
Image courtesy of Andrew Zuckerman
Mandrill Monkey
Image courtesy of Andrew Zuckerman
Grant's Zebra
Image courtesy of Andrew Zuckerman
Common Dove
Image courtesy of Andrew Zuckerman
Image courtesy of Andrew Zuckerman
African Crested Porcupine
Image courtesy of Andrew Zuckerman
Blue and Yellow Macaw
Image courtesy of Andrew Zuckerman

Reticulated Giraffe
Image courtesy of Andrew Zuckerman

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Use "Kayoko" as your coupon code when ordering and $10 will be donated to YGB!!

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