"US," the memoir of Nancy and Ben Freedman

Celebrate bad news. You don’t need to celebrate good news, you’re happy anyway. It’s when bad news knocks you off your feet that you leap up, throw your chapeau in the air, and have a party. It’s the way you reaffirm your faith in the future.—Nancy and Ben Freedman, US [MS]

Fun first, pleasure afterwards.—ditto

I’ve just had the great pleasure of rereading US, the memoir of Nancy and Ben Freedman, long time friends and Occidental College associates—and authors of Mrs Mike, Joshua Son of None, Sappho: The Tenth Muse, and many other great novels. Aside from the book’s anecdotal splendor and good humor it is filled with the kind of life-wisdom—like Nancy’s two principles stated above—that will have readers savoring it from coast to coast. In their late 80’s, they continue to write and celebrate good and bad news together In the Bay Area—one of life’s wonderful ironies, since Nancy was repeatedly told throughout her life, for the first time at the age of 4, that she wouldn’t make it for more than another year. Her love of life and Ben, and his for life and her, have kept them happy and productive for nearly a century!

The Freedmans were recently celebrated themselves in Oprah’s magazine.

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