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Yoga Gives Back
For the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life.

Jayashree and family
SUCCESS STORY: YGB's direct funding program "Sister Aid" is providing a real solution and hope in India!!!
We were all shocked by the gang rape tragedy in Delhi last month. The world is now paying close attention to the deep-rooted gender discrimination in India. 50 million girls are missing because of infanticide, the killing of baby girls. Yet, our work continues! Here are some inspiring stories of our fund recipients who are trying hard to provide their daughters with better life opportunities.

NISHTHA: Tripuranagar Village, West Bengal
Yoga Flex FlyerThis is one of the three groups YGB is funding in the remote rural village of West Bengal. Eleven mothers and eleven daughters are receiving funds administered by our local partner NISHTHA.

Yoga Flex FlyerSipra Biswas received a micro loan of 2000 rupees last year. She started a mud ornament business right away, as she knew this craft. She has been able to hire other women as well returning 200 rupees every month since last August, and hopes to get another loan this year. Her younger daughter Swarnali (12 yrs) is also funded by YGB for her education. When she was born, everybody urged Sipra to give this baby girl away. Sipra's dream is to provide both daughters higher education so that they can build their own lives, and stand on their own feet. All the mothers in the group are saving 50 Rupees every month for their daughter's higher education, as required by NISHTHA.
Yoga Flex FlyerWe were saddened to learn that this beautiful mother Ranu Biswas passed away after we visited her in November. Our partner, NISHTHA Director Mina Das, reported this tragedy saying that there has been no clear explanation of her death. She died as she gave birth to her baby boy at the hospital. YGB has decided to continue our support for her daughter Jayeeta (8 years old) so that she may remain in school, as well as receive good nutrition and medical care. Unfortunately, a young girl like Jayeeta is not wanted much by her family now that her only guardian is gone. However, other mothers of this fund group have also come foreward to help this child.

This was a learning experience for Yoga Gives Back. We needed to be flexible to be able to deal with a tragedy like this, while working to find a positive solution. Because of your continued support, we were able to respond to situation and will continue to help women and children achieve prosperity in India!!!

Check out Jill Lawson's poignant article on this topic published on Huffington "Yoga Gives back Fights Poverty In India, One Woman at a Time" (January 30/2013)

Exciting News:
Welcome YGB Ambassadors and Local Representatives
Kim Wolff of Chrysalis Yoga in Los Angeles, California. Kim is the lead organizer for "Thank You Mother India 2013-Los Angeles Special Day" this fall.
Jill Lawson A yoga studio owner, teacher and a writer in Dolores, Colorado. Jill just posted a very poignant article on Huffington Post, "Yoga Gives Back Alleviates Poverty in India, One Woman at a Time".

Local Representatives
Rosa Tafliafierro joins us as a local representative from Milan, Italy. A photographer and passionate yoga practitioner, visit her website here. Rosa is organizing fundraiser with a photo exhibit and yoga class on March 1st, see below.
Meet Lynette Braun of San Diego, California. An avid Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, business owner and a single mom, who appreciates an unique and valuable YGB campaign!

Become a Sponsor for YGB Films!
Sophie Herbert and kidsIn 2013, we invite you to sponsor YGB's new inspiring video series filmed in India last fall. This short film series will be viewed at our global events, as well as You Tube, our website, and on social media outlets.

Your name or band will be credited, as follows:
  • In one of the films for $500
  • In all the films of this new series for $1000
To see an example of one of our eye opening films click here.

Dutch Donation Relay Classes Kicks Off!!!
Yoga Flex FlyerYGB Netherlands successfully kikcs off "Donation Class Relay" with three great events!! Check the special Dutch website created by De Yoga Studio. Check the special Dutch website created by De Yoga Studio.

YGB exclusive Tanks and T-shirts for sale.
Yoga Flex FlyerYGB teams up with Jala to make popular Tanks and T-shirts available worldwide. Your purchase will help our programs in India!

Ashtanga Yoga Confluence
Yoga Flex FlyerTHURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28th
March 3rd@San Diego, California

The Ashtanga Yoga Confluence organizers have chosen YGB as a non profit beneficiary of this event and will donate 1% of its annual sales to Yoga Gives Back!!! We are truly honored and grateful for this opportunity from the global support of the Ashtanga community, which has been crucial for our campaign and its growth. THANK YOU!! The Confluence will be held February 28 and March 3, 2013 in San Diego with senior western students of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois: Nancy Gilgoff, Dena Kingsberg,Tim Miller, David Swenson and Eddie Stern. YGB Presentation will be at 1:30pm, March 3rd.

"HOPE, Health , Optimism, Peace and Energy" by Lorraine Fletcher
Yoga Flex FlyerFRIDAY, MARCH 1st 7:30-8:30PM
@Malton Community Center, Ontario, Canada

"Yogascapes Photo Exhibit + Yoga Class" by Rosa Tagliafierro and Alessandra di Prampero
Yoga Flex FlyerSATURDAY, MARCH 2nd 3-7PM
@Sattva Studio, Milano, Italy

"Let it Rain Retreat" byChad Russ
Yoga Flex FlyerFRIDAY, MARCH 8th
@Ojai, California

"Kirtan Night" with Clayton Horton

FEBRUARY 22nd 6:30-8:00PM
@Yogaplace Maastricht

Daina LewisYoga Fit Mind Body Fitness @ Hilton Long Beach Executive Meeting Center


Beth Shaw and Yoga Fit Conference invited YGB to share our campaign, video+talk, silent auction & refreshments. Proceeds will be donated for YGB and Blankets of Love, a local animal rescue center.

Scott LewickiDe Yoga Studio, Netherlands

SUNDAY, JANUARY 27th, 12:00-3:30PM

Netherlands kicks off YGB Donation Relay Classes with 3.5 hour Jivamukti Workshop by Francis Van Graafeijland at DeYoga Studio Eindhoven. 100% donated for YGB and De Yoga is matching 100%!!

Ashtanga Intro@Yoga Studio, Yogania, Zwaaag

JANUARY 25th, 4-6PM

Netherlands kicks off YGB Donation Relay Classes with 3.5 hour Jivamukti Workshop by Francis Van Graafeijland at DeYoga Studio Eindhoven. 100% donated for YGB and De Yoga is matching 100%!!

Weekly Donation Classes!!
Swanand Yoga in New York, visit their website. Weekly donation class for YGB on Saturdays, taught by Christie Roe.

Urban Om in Stockholm, Sweden Community Donation Class for YGB, every Thursday 14:30-16:30. Visit their website.

Open Air Yoga started by Stanley Norris, operated now by Sandy, is donating their January proceeds for YGB. Thanks for our new member Melody Naghmeh Manshadi to reach out new communities in Dubai and beyond!!!!

"Yoga Gives back Fights Poverty In India, One Woman at a Time"
January 30, 2013 by Jill Lawson
Read the story here.

"Yoga Gives Back: Yogis Making a Difference in the Life of Women"
January 20, 2013 By Julia Sparkman, myInsens
Read the story here.

"The Girls Stolen from Streets of India"
Jan 8, 2013 By Natalia Antelava, BBC World Service, Delhi
Read the story here.

Thank you for all the past events, making a real difference one class at a time!!

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