Your Mind Can Influence Your Genes [via Nina Reznick]


The most dangerous aspect of our ‘automated’ functions is that they are controlled by the subconscious,without any control or even observation of consciousness. We believe that with willpower we can change the negative programming of our subconscious. Unfortunately, despite it sounds simple, in reality it is very difficult: it means that one should have such power so that he can be an observer and controller at the same time. Once the consciousness takes a small break, your subconscious will automatically get the control to play the familiar and very firmly established role.

In our subconscious there is no observer to check what has been recorded. Therefore, there is no distinction into good or bad behavior. It simply records, independently of the quality. In this perspective the subconscious mind is like a tape recorder, which uses specific behavioral programs that are activated by specific stimuli.

Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious is much stronger regarding to ‘editing’ of information. Many neuroscientists think that the conscious mind represents only 5% of our total mental activity. The rest is the thoughts which are constantly occupying our minds and the attitudes we adopt without even being able to perceive or control them. Therefore, it is evident that the conscious needs an incredibly strong willpower in order not to control, but even to simply observe and identify the behavior that comes from the subconscious. Positive thinking can help, but you need to establish a form of cooperation with the subconscious.

Knowing now that what we are and what we can become is a state that can be taken under our control, albeit with great effort, it is necessary to look within ourselves, to trust our inner observer and get it to work for us. If we know the mechanisms that move our behavior, we can improve them and thus improve our biological condition.


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