Rainbows [via Nina Reznick


A glory is an optical phenomenon, similar to a rainbow, that resembles a halo.
It occurs when light tunnels through air inside rain droplets and emit the light backwards. Yes, that’s as crazy as it sounds

 White rainbows

These rainbows form in fog, rather than rain.
The condensation reflects little light, and as a result, the rainbow is made up of very weak colors – like white – rather than the vibrant colors of a traditional rainbow


Moonbows are rainbows produced by light reflected off the surface of the moon, rather than the sun.
Due to the small amount of light reflected off the moon, moonbows are quite faint.

Fire Rainbows

Fire Rainbows are formed by light reflecting from ice crystals in high level clouds.
The halos are so large, they often appear parallel to the horizon.

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