Guest Post: The Muse: One Big Human Family by Birgitte Rasine

I've always said we need aliens to come visit so we can finally start acting like the one, big, human family that we are.

But maybe we don't need the aliens.

The conflicts in the Middle East, Asia and Africa are enough.

Thousands of people have been streaming into Europe for months now, but recently it has come to a head as media reports have intensified. And yet, despite so much desperation and tragedy, the good in the human heart rises strong above it all. The people of Germany are welcoming refugees with open arms, clothes, food, and bars of chocolate.

For me, this story hits home in a very profound way. A few decades ago, I was a migrant child, traveling with my family through Central Europe to ask for asylum in the West. Back then, the Western European nations were rejecting political refugees from Eastern bloc countries. The United States took us in, and has been my home ever since.

In Guatemala, lawyers, business people, and indigenous groups have rallied together to call for the resignation of their president, Otto PĂ©rez Molina, who has been involved in a massive corruption scandal. Guatemala has not seen such jubilation in the streets for a very long time. Good for you, Guatemala.

And right here in California, a wonderful woman by the name of Brie Mathers has been inspiring tens of thousands of high school girls to love their bodies and themselves, and to see right through the artifice of photoshopped, over-sexualized images of their gender.

Leave it to the people to make things right.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. :-)
~ Birgitte

What do you do when you get to the top?

The answer depends on what “top” means for you.

Are you scaling Mt. Everest? If so, you might want to take a breather and a selfie. Don’t hang out up there too long, though. You still have to survive the descent.

Are you climbing the corporate ladder? Don’t take the easy way up by stepping on others’ backs. Nothing more admirable than an honest leader. What to do once you’re in the corner suite? Take your company to ever greater heights, and don’t forget about all the people helping you do it.

Are you releasing the next great song/book/film? You’re up against millions of other voices, but don’t let that stop you. Express your voice, your unique, irrepressible voice. Even Shakespeare might have drowned with this level of competition in his day.

Read the rest of this piece here.

I'm so excited I feel like renting out of all Lake Tahoe and flying in everyone on this list for a multi-day celebration overflowing with raspberries, champagne and dark chocolate.

Have I lost it?

No! I finished the cacao novel!

But, as they say, now the real work begins. Never is that more true than when you finish a book. There's book production, media materials, author events, outreach, outreach, and more outreach. Writing and creating is work but it isn't really "work." Sure, it's not easy in the sense of someone bringing it to you all done on a silver platter (in fact you're the one molding the silver), but it is, really, truly, very enjoyable.

If it's not, we need to do something about that.

Anyhow. You've been hearing about this book for many moons now. Next month, you'll start seeing some of the work that has been going into it. And, as with any story about a yummy topic, a little appetizer as well.

Now is also a good time to send in any final beta reader feedback, chocolate recipes, or anything else you'd like to see created alongside the book.

See you on the other side of the cacao moon!

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