YGB Films

YGB FILMS just released its brand new film "Gold in Hand", about YGB's new program a fiver-year "SHE" Scholarship for Higher Education. 

YGB funds nearly 100 teen students in Karnataka and West Bengal to continue their high school education and aim for college degree. Please watch and listen to these teen struggles of life and also how this program can uplift and truly create life time opportunities for these youths in India!! 

Edited by Caitlin Danenhauer, Music by DJ Drez, Film by Kayoko Mitsumatsu

Traveling back and forth to India nearly every year Kayoko Mitsumatsu chronicles the stories of empowerment and change that Yoga Gives Back effects. YGB films show how micro loans and the SHE program have helped women to come out of extreme poverty and dreams of higher education come true for their children.

For the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life. Take action to make a difference! Donate now.

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