Most Beautiful Murals of the Year 2016

Banksy Mural at Bristol School

Although he’s been quite absent this year, Banksy had time to leave a mysterious “present” on the walls of a Bristol primary school. He even left a message for the kids, saying: “Dear Bridge Farm School,Thanks for your letter and naming a house after me. Please have a picture. If you don’t like it feel free to add stuff, I’m sure the teachers won’t mind – remember, it’s always easier to get forgiveness than permission. Much love, Banksy.”

Eduardo Kobra paints David Bowie

Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra painted a spectacular portrait of the late David Bowie from his Ziggy Stardust days in New Jersey. The recognizable orange lightning bolt is still there in its original color, but everything else is painted in Kobra’s colorful geometric style – with a touch of black and white.

Guido van Helten’s Salt of the Earth

Australian prodigy Guido van Helten became a part of a documentary of famous street artists from his country, produced by Wanderers. While the project will be out in early 2017, we can admire this beautiful piece painted on train cars and featuring the artist’s signature portraiture of two elderly people.

WD Wild Drawing in Athens

Greek talent WD aka Wild Drawing covered two walls in Athens with an absolutely remarkable mural of an owl, called Knowledge speaks – Wisdom listens. Made during Petit Paris d’Athènes festival, it pays homage to the bird as the symbol of wisdom and the goddess Athena at the same time. According to the artist, ”Nowadays Greece, and not only, is experiencing a really dark phase and I think is time for us here and around the globe, to recall this creature’s wisdom.”

Alexis Diaz for JustKids

He creates amazing art in the studio and he creates amazing art on the walls. Alexis Diaz was a part of The Unexpected initiative in Fayetteville, Arkansas, curated by JUSTKIDS. The mural depicts a giant owl accompanied by a crescent, an eye and three feathers. The work oozes in detail and precision, as always.

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