Moving Giants [via Lance Gould]

Elephants are a keystone species: they're critically important to habitats. (Their dung, the paths they trample for other wildlife, etc.) But too many elephants in one habitat can mean disaster -- for both the habitat and the elephants.

There's a park in South Africa w 200+ elephants more than its ecosystem can handle. And there's a park in Mozambique that, though it's 12 times the size of the South African park, is down to just eight elephants. (The civil war there -- 1977-1992 -- wiped out virtually all wildlife in the country.)

MOVING GIANTS is a project that is attempting to save two ecosystems: relieve one park of too many elephants, spark life into one that desperately needs them.

The actual moving of the elephants is incredibly risky -- for elephants and crew -- that employs cutting-edge technology. But the cost of inaction is even higher: not to move the elephants could bring disaster to both ecosystems.

It's all part of a serial-video series we're launching in September.

And today, we launched our Moving Giants website -- movinggiants,org -- which covers not only the translocation (which kicked off at the end of July), but also elephant- and conservation-oriented news from anywhere elephants call home.

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