Street Art from Across the Globe

Child With Windmill
Artist: Walter Kershaw
London UK
Artists: Thrashbird and Renee Gagnon
Los Angeles, California.
Baby Chick
Artist: unknown
Rochester, NY
Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.07.58 PM
Icy and Sot
Rochester NY
Freedom Fighter
Artist: Kristy Sandoval
Los Angeles, CA
Natureza Viva
Artists: Regg and Violant
Alfragide Portugal
Artist: Klit
Alfragide, Portugal
A giant colorful beetle tries to fly between the ceiling and the floor of this parking lot. His wings seem filled with flower petals. So, the “Living Nature” project brought a set of huge insects that carry a note of living spirit to the space.
Deep Blue
Artist: Rai Cruz
Manila, Philippines
Artist: Christiaan Nagel
London, England
Untitled Rome
Artist: Lady Aiko
Rome, Italy
Artist: Andrew Kentish

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