DNC launches ‘Donald Ducks’ mascot to make Trump release his tax returns [via Nina Reznick]

The new DNC mascot held a sign that

The DNC on Thursday introduced a mascot for the 2016 campaign in front of Trump Tower.

In an effort to force Donald Trump to release his tax returns, the Democratic National Committee has created “Donald Ducks.”

The mascot appeared with a spokeswoman, described by the DNC as Donald Ducks’ lead attorney, Thursday morning, who questioned why Trump has “ducked” releasing his tax returns.

“Is he ducking because he’s not as rich as he says he is?” she asked. “Is he ducking because he doesn’t donate to charities like he says he does?”

She also questioned whether Trump is paying a lower tax rate than most Americans or if he has “foreign investments that could compromise national security.”

The spokeswoman said Donald Ducks will follow the Republican nominee around the country.

“Mr. Trump can expect to see me all across our great country,” she said, speaking for the mascot. “Mr. Ducks is not going to stop quacking until the other Donald releases his taxes.”

Donald Ducks also went to Charlotte, North Carolina, where Trump held a rally Thursday evening, the DNC said. His next stops will be Friday in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Dimondale, outside Lansing, Michigan; and Saturday in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for a statement.

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