By Vincent Atchity

Step outside at dawn
and stand in the rosy-fingered quiet.
If you stay still enough you will
like a tree
be unseen
by neighbors and passersby
so busy with their goings
they have no eyes for the way.

The clouds blossom pink
at her first touch.

Be unseen.
Begin at first light.
Watch the way unreel
with every cast.

His Honor Mark Wyndham

Superior Court Judge Swearing in Ceremony, Valentine’s Day 2008

“Behind every successful man—there’s me.”—Beth Gallagher

April Christofferson’s new book

April Christofferson’s new book is Alpha Female forthcoming from Tor. It’s a non-stop read.

April Christofferson with her “first and greatest ‘horse love,’ Sweetness, named after Walter Payton (of the Chicago Bears).”

Wielding A Mighty Pen

Novelist and U of U grad April Christofferson seeks to inspire readers to action even as she keeps them glued to their seats.

by Marcia C. Dibble

“I love the process of writing,” says April Christofferson BS’73, “but I write because I’m trying to make a difference.”

The issues around which Christofferson is now working to make a difference include the West’s biggest areas of conflict—wildlife and public lands management, tribal rights, and development. Currently wrapping up her seventh novel, Christofferson has filled many a page in her efforts to educate as well as entertain, and she’s found numerous willing readers along the way.

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