Oldest Door in the UK


The oldest door in the UK. This oak door belongs to Westminster Abbey and is the oldest and only Anglo-Saxon door in Great Britain. The door has been standing for over 950 years, dating back to the reign of Edward the Confessor during the 1050s. The door was made from a single oak tree from the east of England in medieval times. The oak piece has 5 main boards, connected by iron strips and wooden beams, and is approximately two meters high.

There are rumors that traces of human skin remain on the door, but it has been proven to be bovine leather: (it happens that many wooden artifacts were covered with leather to preserve the quality of the wood and to decorate the environment).

The door opens into the large octagonal room, where monks gathered daily for prayers in the 13th century and today serves as a storage place for important religious documents.

Old Hollywood

 Humphrey Bogart's lifts he wore during his scenes with Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca, 1942. 

Bogart was 5 ft 8 (173cm) and Ingrid Bergman was 5 foot 9 (175cm) .

Academy to Replaced the Oscar for ‘Gone With the Wind’ Star Hattie McDaniel, 60 Years After It Went Missing

The Academy presented the replacement award to Howard University at an
Oct. 1 ceremony in Washington D.C.

Photo by Bettmann/Getty Images; Owen Kolasinski/© Academy Museum Foundation.

“Hattie McDaniel was a groundbreaking artist who changed the course of cinema and impacted generations of performers who followed her,” Stewart and Bill Kramer, Academy CEO, said in a statement. “We are thrilled to present a Howard University. This immense piece of history will be back in the College of Fine Arts for our students to draw inspiration from. 

Ms. Hattie is coming home replacement of Hattie McDaniel’s Academy Award to Howard University. This momentous occasion will celebrate Hattie McDaniel’s remarkable craft and historic win.” Rashad added, “I am overjoyed that this Academy Award is returning to what is now the Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts at!” In 1940, McDaniel made history as the first Black person to be nominated for and win a competitive Academy Award for her supporting performance as “Mammy” in “Gone with the Wind” (1939). At the 12th Academy Awards, held at the segregated Cocoanut Grove at the Ambassador Hotel, McDaniel and her guest were seated separately from the film’s other nominees.

Before McDaniel died of breast cancer in 1952, she specified that her prize should be donated to Howard University. For years, rumors have circulated about where the plaque and statuette could be — was it simply lost, or destroyed in a protest?

More Funny Notes

 What Makes You So Special?

Okay, we have to ask the obvious question before delving into this one. Does the person who drew this always walk around with chalk in their bag? Phew, glad we got that off our chests.


We’ve all encountered people who seem to think they deserve everything. This type of person thinks that they can park wherever they please regardless of parking lines. Well, this person was ready with the chalk to call them out on just how douchey their behavior really is.

No Spoilers Please

There are few shows where each and every episode is truly epic. "Game Of Thrones" happens to be one of them. Whether you were a fan or not, during the GOT heyday, you couldn’t walk around and not hear everything that happened in the previous episode.


If you were super into the show but happened to have missed the last episode, chances are, someone was gonna spoil it. This person really thought ahead and wanted to make sure no one spoils the show for them. We have to applaud the foresight.

Misplaced Love

We can only imagine the disappointment one might feel after they get a written love note left on their car, only to realize it wasn't actually meant for them. Ouch.


Now in all fairness, the person who wrote the note can’t let the car owner go on thinking the love note was, in fact, intended for them. That being said, we can’t help but feel a little bit bad for the unintended recipient.

Short and Sweet

Some people don’t like to mince words. Keeping things short, sweet and to the point is their style. There’s absolutely no question here that whoever wrote this note is one of those people.


Is the message clear? Absolutely. Is it missing some sort of emotional touch? Yes. Most definitely. But we’re not here to judge. To each his own, ya know?

With a Little Help From Carly

If you have to call someone else for blocking your driveway, it seems that maybe it would soften the blow to quote a popular tune. The person who blocked the driveway probably doesn't deserve something this creative but they got it anyway.


When you get the urge to quote, you just do, and there's nothing that can stop you, even if someone is stopping you from getting out of your driveway.

Applause for the Attempt

This solid attempt to get out of jury duty deserves a round of applause. In order to get out of your civic duty, you might have to prove you’re just insane enough to not be able to fairly judge someone else.


Implying that anyone who enters the court will get what’s coming to them because you’ve deemed yourself a vigilante for justice is, quite frankly, genius.

A Sign from Prime

The holiest keeper of cars, Optimus Prime, is the perfect way to let someone know their parking is a complete mess without making the note too blunt.


Whoever parked that car may never know who actually wrote the note, but they will know their parking job sucked, and the note writer definitely invested a bit of time in that tiny caricature at the bottom.

via Daily Choices

Funny Notes

 Always the Wise Guy

Okay, someone here saw an opportunity they simply could not refuse, and it started a whole trend. Yeah, it is absolutely better to get into a public restroom and find a clean toilet bowl. It just sets the tone in the perfect way for whatever you're about to do in there.

Too Close for Comfort

Parking can be a very sensitive subject. Like, in some cities, driving around searching for parking can take well over half an hour! So yeah, we get why people will take extreme measures in order to reserve a parking spot. It is the holy grail, as far as drivers are concerned.

3 Signs for Cat Safety

Everyone knows cats are sneaky little rascals, and nothing is more enticing to them than an area they are not allowed to go to. In this case, the great outdoors. After all, they did originally hail from the jungle, so it only makes sense that they like to go out and about, from time to time.


One sign seemingly was not enough to prevent these cunning critters from making a run for it the second the door opens. Actually, it seems like two signs might also have not been enough. You know what they say, the third time is the charm.

Effective Immediately

It is always awkward to put in your two-week notice at any job. And yeah, maybe it is a little bit unprofessional to put that notice on a note….of lined paper clearly taken from a notebook….with a stick figure drawing announcing you are quitting. We'd say that email is the bare minimum format in this day and age.


But honestly, mad points for creativity. It is kinda savage if you think about it. She did not even give a two-week notice; she just wrote: “Effective immediately.” We guess it's true when they say when you've got to go, you have got to go. And that can also apply when jobs are concerned.

Real Life Office Space

So in case, anyone here did not get the message, the “that would be grrreaaat” at the end is from the classic movie "Office Space," repeatedly spoken by the unbearable boss Lumberg. We love that cult classic flicks which is based around the workplace. So it makes perfect sense to use that language in everyday notes, especially in an office setting.


This guy clearly cares very little about this job since he put exactly zero effort into spelling or grammar. Props for the reference, though, we hope his boss appreciated it. We just love how lackadaisical the message is for the boss. We would potentially expect something a bit more formal to throw in the professional towel.

Moving on to a Better Place

Dang, people are starting to get really creative with their quitting notices. It is pretty creative to go in the direction of a Hallmark "I’m sorry for your loss" card. As if this person would effectively draw the comparison between losing a loved one and handing in one's notice.


Clearly, Alex saw himself as a keystone member of the crew, whose absence would be taken very hard. At least he was kind enough to give them a two weeks notice. We love when employees act ironically sad when they are in reality, just so excited to run out of the door.

A Game by Sadists

This is, without a doubt, one of the more vicious notes we’ve seen. It’s fairly well known that traffic cops, parking police, and meter maids are universally hated. (We’d like to point out here that these people are only doing their job, and we fully support that).


But nobody, and we mean nobody, likes getting a ticket. So forcing the traffic warden to search for the correct parking ticket that gives you permission to park there is just evil. But also, it is genius.