More Old Photos... [Via Cacciatore]

Bea Arthur (nee Bernice Frankel) (1922-2009) SSgt. USMC 1943-45 WW II
Enlisted and assigned as typist at Marine HQ in Wash DC, then air stations in VA and NC.  Best remembered for her title role in the TV series "Maude" and as Dorothy in "Golden Girls". 

Lucille Ball - circa 1930.  

 Miss America - 1924. 

 John Fitzgerald Kennedy - as a boy.

Emily Todd was Mary Todd Lincoln's half-sister.  In 1856 she married Benjamin Helm, a Confederate general.  After Helm's death in 1863 Emily Helm passed through Union Lines to visit her sister in the White House.  This caused great consternation in the Northern newspapers.  Emily Helm took an oath of loyalty to the Union and was granted amnesty.

Librarians SurprisE Everyone With Their Sense Of Humor

Sometimes I Wear My Panda Hat To Work. This Is What It Looks Like To Everyone Walking Into The Library

Sometimes I Wear My Panda Hat To Work. This Is What It Looks Like To Everyone Walking Into The Library

When Libraries Troll Their Patrons

This Was At My College Library Entrance

My Local Library

My School Library Knows What's Up

More Old Photos... [Via Cacciatore]

Pumping gasoline - circa 1925.

 José Doroteo Arango Arámbula (Pancho Villa) - circa 1914.

 Old General Store - circa 1917.

Cowboy - circa 1888.
Cincinnati Street Car - circa 1913.

Alfredo Moser: Bottle light inventor proud to be poor

Alfredo Moser with one of his bottle lights

Alfredo Moser's invention is lighting up the world. In 2002, the Brazilian mechanic had a light-bulb moment and came up with a way of illuminating his house during the day without electricity - using nothing more than plastic bottles filled with water and a tiny bit of bleach.

In the last two years his innovation has spread throughout the world. It is expected to be in one million homes by early next year.

So how does it work? Simple refraction of sunlight, explains Moser, as he fills an empty two-litre plastic bottle.

"Add two capfuls of bleach to protect the water so it doesn't turn green [with algae]. The cleaner the bottle, the better," he adds.

Wrapping his face in a cloth he makes a hole in a roof tile with a drill. Then, from the bottom upwards, he pushes the bottle into the newly-made hole.

"You fix the bottle in with polyester resin. Even when it rains, the roof never leaks - not one drop."

The inspiration for the "Moser lamp" came to him during one of the country's frequent electricity blackouts in 2002. "The only places that had energy were the factories - not people's houses," he says, talking about the city where he lives, Uberaba, in southern Brazil.

Moser and his friends began to wonder how they would raise the alarm, in case of an emergency, such as a small plane coming down, imagining a situation in which they had no matches.

His boss at the time suggested getting a discarded plastic bottle, filling it with water and using it as a lens to focus the sun's rays on dry grass. That way one could start a fire, as a signal to rescuers. This idea stuck in Moser's head - he started playing around, filling up bottles and making circles of refracted light.

Soon he had developed the lamp.

"I didn't make any design drawings," he says.

"It's a divine light. God gave the sun to everyone, and light is for everyone. Whoever wants it saves money. You can't get an electric shock from it, and it doesn't cost a penny."

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Petition calls to rename street in front of Trump Tower after Obama

Related image

Thousands of people have signed a petition in New York City to rename the block in front of Trump Tower after former President Obama.

A MoveOn petition started by Elizabeth Rowin is calling for the stretch of Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th streets to be renamed "President Barack H. Obama Avenue."

The petition would require President Trump to formally change the address of his Trump Tower building, where his 2020 reelection campaign will be headquartered on the 15th floor.

The measure had nearly 4,300 signatures as of Friday morning.

“We request the New York City Mayor and City Council do the same by renaming a block of Fifth Avenue after the former president who saved our nation from the Great Recession, achieved too many other accomplishments to list, and whose two terms in office were completely scandal free,” the petition states.

A stretch of a freeway in Los Angeles was recently renamed after the former commander in chief.

For the street to be renamed, the New York City Council would have to approve the measure and Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) would have to sign off on the name change.

The council unanimously voted last month to rename a street after the renowned hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, as well as others after rapper Notorious B.I.G., signer Woody Guthrie and poet Audre Lorde.

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Old Photos... [Via Cacciatore]

An evening at home - date unknown.

1916 4th of July Parade, Front Street, Nome Alaska.

Rural Mail Delivery - circa 1914.

Detroit Opera House - 1906

The first Waffle House? - circa 1900-1916. The Two Girls Waffle House was located in the tent city on the north side of Ship Creek in what is now Anchorage, Alaska. More information.