David Zinn's whimsical small-scale cartoon street art in Ann Arbor, MI via Nina Reznick

David Zinn is a Michigan artist who works with chalks on the streets of Ann Arbor. His most famous creation is Sluggo, a little monster with a green body and long, round eyes.

Homeless Man Plays Piano Beautifully

Makes you wonder where does this bring him back to?

More I'll Take the Stairs [via David Angsten]

Staircase at the Natural History Museum in London
Chand Baori stepwell in India
Double spiral stairs at the Vatican Museum
Stairs in a Portuguese Bookstore
Back in 1906 when the store first opened
Melk Abbey in Austria
Most likely the longest mosaic stairs in San Francisco
Sculpture that looks like you can walk into the sky by artist David McCracken in Australia
Groninger Museum in the Netherlands
Ice Hotel stairs
In Edinburgh, the Dovecot Studio specializes in tapestries and has these woven stairs
A walking roller coaster in Germany
Spiral stairs at the Quinta da Regaleira in Portugal
Nevermind, I don't want to take the stairs


I'll Take the Stairs [via David Angsten]

Iowa State Law Library
Roche Residence in France
Infinite staircase by artist Olafur Eliasson at the KPMG building in Munich, Germany
Colorful stairs at the School of Arts in Saint Herblain, France
Staircase at the Hakone Open-Air Museum in Japan
Stairs to the top of the Rock of GuatapƩ
The Longchamp store in New York City
Cascading stairs at the Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Scotland created by Charles Jencks
The rainbow staircase in Findikli, Turkey
Spiral glass staircase around a fish tank in Scotland

Recycled Kitsch!

Vintage TV Aquarium Your fish needs a new home– need I say more?

Upcycled Nuestra SeƱora Rotary Phone

A fully working handcrafted vintage original, to add a bit of kitsch to your phone conversation

Scary! [via David Adashek]

Dave is an extremely gifted clairvoyant who finds out specific financial information. This video reveals the magic behind the magic.

MAD, Crazy Aussie Climbs Into Deadly Volcano [Via Nik Halik]

Take a glimpse into the center of the earth. Join extreme adventurer and entrepreneur NIK HALIK on this heartbeat of the planet exploration of the Ambrym Volcano. Experience the Devils Spin Cycle of the lava lake with recorded temperatures of over 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit [940 degrees Celcius] where every force in the deadly volcano is trying to kill him. With spewing deadly gases of Sulfur Dioxide and Carbon Dioxide, Nik rappels 450 meters deep inside of the crater.

To contact or join NIK HALIK on extreme future adventures contact him at http://www.nikhaliklive.com

More The Future is Here [via David Adashek]

This windowed door turns opaque whenever you lock it.

This incredible app translates signs from video and in real time!

The new 'Google Fiber' has started deploying and will offer users an internet connection that is about 100 times faster than what they are currently using.
futuristic things

When did car panels start looking this advanced? 
futuristic things

A stop sign using water to project the image                              

An example of the new E-Ink in action. An ink that stays flat on the page and can be printed but still moves on the printer page 


All of the functions these items that we used 20 years ago... Are now done by a single smartphone.
futuristic things

New casts can be printed with a 3D printer, are lighter, more comfortable and just as strong.
futuristic things

Bionic hands are now so advanced they can perform even delicate and complex movements.


Happy Fourth of July!!

This Hunan Province town is where fireworks were invented and the show has never been equalled in the West. The Chinese are not only the inventors of fireworks they are, still, the masters!

MACHINE AGE [via Cacciatore]

Awesome Machine that make work easier.

Music :- Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - Orange