The residential apartment complex “The Iceberg” in Århus, Denmark designed by JDS Architects, Cebra, SeARCH and Louis Paillard wins the Mipim award for “Best Residential Project”.

The project provides an enormous opportunity for Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, to develop in a socially sustainable way by renovating its old, out-of-use container terminal. The area is meant to become a living city quarter and achieve a proper level of urban density, comprised of a multitude of cultural and social activities, generous amounts of workplaces, and of course, a highly mixed and diverse array of housing types.

The Iceberg has been designed in a way that it allows natural lighting and waterfront views into as many apartments as possible. The resulting open and sculptural block closely resembles an iceberg.

This year the MIPIM Award did not only start with a new presentation technique, PechaKucha which allows delegates to view each project and then make an informed vote. The MIPIM Awards did also attract a record number of entries with 175 projects from 46 countries competing.

Visit the project at and view the Drone Film Teaser here.

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