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Yoga Gives Back
For the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life.

Great mothers build bridges instead of walls.
- By Reed Markham

Your Donation's Impact!!
YGB's direct funding program, "Sister Aid," is currently funding programs for 237 mothers and children in India, providing micro loans and education funds. In West Bengal, 109 mothers have been lent microloans to start their own businesses. 110 daughters are able to remain in school through education funds. Read the latest report about their exciting progress from NISHTHA YGB's local partner NGO.
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In 2010, YGB first funded microloans for this group of 22 mothers in Tripuranagar village. Three years later, their average income has risen 600%, from 135 to 815 rupees per month. Women are making a profit through various businesses ventures, including: making mud ornaments, basket making, saree trading, opening tea shops, raising chickens and goats and farming. The group's experience has set a great precedent for eight more groups to follow.

Below are just a few examples of these mothers' proud accomplishments:

Anjali Naskar
  • Trade: Paper Bag Making
  • Notable Accomplishment(s): Opened an individual bank account and was able to obtain computer literacy training for her oldest daughter. Thanks to her new business ventures and skills, Anjali is empowered to speak up in family matters.

Mamata Hazari
  • Trade: Raising cows
  • Notable Accomplishment(s): Successfully constructed a toilet using her own money, in addition to the saving for future.

Shampa Mondal
  • Trade: Ornament sales
  • Notable Accomplishments: Takes all responsibilities for the family, as husband's contribution does not exist.

Pratima Sardar
  • Trade: Clothing sales
  • Notable Accomplishments: Is now able to pay for her daughter's medical care to treat a liver infection.
Like any mother, Rita's dream is to provide her two daughters with a solid education so that they will have a better chance at a successful future. However, a few years ago, Rita did not have enough money to send her daughters to school. In an effort to earn a better living and become financially self-sufficient, she took out her first microloan to start her own business. Rita decided to buy sarees in the Kolkotta market to resell them in her village for a profit. Her income skyrocketed from 50 ruppees per month to 500 per month. She has opened a personal bank account to track and maintain total control over her earnings. Rita has not only made enough money to send her daughters to school, but she can also afford a tutor to help them maintain their grades. Recognizing her success, Rita's husband now helps support the business, carrying sarees from Kolkotta to their village for her to sell.

"I could not do anything in my life as I was a victim of child marriage," said Rita. "My parents did not know the importance of education and ill-effects of child marriage. I will do everything I can to enable my daughters to earn their own livelihood and become self-sufficient."

Sophie Herbert and kidsWatch this 7-minute video to learn more about the determined, inspiring and hard working mothers who live in the remote villages of West Bengal!

Thank you for these sponsors for YGB Film!!
Ashtanga Yoga Confluence,, Evolution Asia Yoga Conference, David Schick, Jala Clothing, Jorgen Christiansson, Kino MacGregor,, Yoga Fit, Yoga Magazine
There will be two more films this year. If you would like to sponsor either or both of the films, or for more information on sponsorship, please contact YGB at:

Exciting News:
A yogi Arianna Huffington (The Huffington Post) invites YGB for "The Raise for Women Challenge" !
Take action on this Mother's Day!!!!
Click here to donate!

The purpose of the event is to provide resources and awareness for nonprofits run by and for women. Between now and June 6, we invite you to donate any amount to help YGB to grow its programs and more: click here.

Welcome new Ambassadors
image hereDevorah Sacks, Mission Ashtanga
Devorah has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 1993 and teaches at her Mission Ashtanga, qualified by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. "I love this organization. Yoga Gives Back is truly special. Read more click here.
image hereGenieve Burley,
Vancouver, Canada
Dr. Genieve Burley is a Vancouver based chiropractor and yoga instructor.

"Yoga has been a potent source of growth and healing in my life. After the birth of both of my daughters I experienced post-partum depression. Read more click here.

The Asia Yoga Conference chooses YGB as the Charity Partner!
Hong Kong, June 6-9
Sunday, June 9, a special charity class by nine popular teachers, including YGB Ambassador Samantha Chan, will be held, along with a YGB video presentation. Visit the YGB booth if you are in Hong Kong!

Sophie Herbert and kids"Yoga and Filmmaking Combine to Change Lives of Women in India"
By: Kino MacGregor, The Huffington Post, April 29, 2013
Read the story here.

Saturday, May 11, 2-9 pm
"Fab 40 Fundraiser & Fun"
by Tanya Mickwitz

@The Tanneries, London, U.K.
Tanya is donating 100% of the proceeds from her birthday celebration yoga class and party. Happy Birthday, and Thanks Tanja!

Wednesday, May 29, 6:30-8 pm
"Guided Meditation"
by Barbara Vollstedt

@Take 15, Brussels, Belgium Hosted by YGB Ambassador Ramona Rouhdoust.

Saturday, June 1, 6:15-8 pm
"Teacher Training Graduation Celebration"
@Goda Yoga, Los Angeles, CA
Special class assisted by Kate Cariati and YGB Ambassador Claudia Fucigna, hosted by Cheryl Moss. Zico Coconut Water and Organic India will also be donating items!

Sep 1st - Dec 31st
"Thank You Mother India " Global Campaign
Registration will start early June on our brand new website!!

New Partners
Sophie Herbert and kidsTweenYogini, an organization launched by a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner, Liza Chapman, of Mill Valley, Ca., to inspire tween girls to develop confidence, inner strength and self-love through yoga. 10% of the proceeds from the classes are donated to YGB.

Thank you for all the past events, making a real difference one class at a time!!

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