Michael Sarver talks about his Idol exit

By Lauren Schumacher

The oil rig worker was eliminated from American Idol last night, but he isn't going back to Texas Gold just yet.

Michael Sarver
, the latest contestant to get the ol' heave ho from American Idol fans this week and one of the classiest contestants on American Idol since Sanjaya (that's a joke, people), talked to us in a conference call Friday about his priorities, his future music career, and the warm and fuzzy feelings he surprisingly still has for the judges.

Sarver, the married father of two and a former oil rig worker, doesn't plan on going back to being a roughneck (surprise, surprise). Instead, Sarver said he plans on taking some time off to spend with his family before the rocktastic American Idol tour this summer.

"I have learned just how much I love my family through this experience because I have never been away from them this long. They are my number one priority," he said.

A seemingly unlikely contestant, Sarver brought his Texas charm and politeness to the stage, a striking contrast to the likes of Simon Cowell. But, Sarver said he was never insulted by the judge's comments or their most recent childish antics during deliberation (Simon drawing a mustache on Paula's face is an example... they have to give us something to laugh about ever since Ryan Seacrest got rid of his highlights).

"Personally, I enjoy that. What people need to understand is that this is supposed to be fun. Overall, the fun that they're having is making everybody smile," he said. "America listens to what the judges have to say. They are in those four seats for a reason. They are smart. They don't get it all right but they do get some things right."

Phew. Finally a contestant with some perspective.

But, despite the judge's critique's, Sarver said he plans on hitting the music scene on his own after the summer tour is over.

"I believe in myself and what I'd like to offer to the music world," he said. "Something people don't know is that I have written over 890 songs since I was 14. There are a lot of stories from a good lived life, a lot of stories and I want to share them."

Ah, the wisdom of a 27-year old.

Who will be voted off next week? How many more innocent songs will Megan Joy butcher before she gets the guillotine?

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